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Ad verification

Ad verification

The features of the ViDeus Auditor platform can be increased by adding the Fingermetric tool. This license is optional and can be included in any equipment of this platform. It lets the operator select a video clip, set it a name and the ViDeus Auditor will start an automatic search of the desired clip in the incoming content. Once it finds it, the operator will have a list of appearances in detail. This is most used for advertising monitoring and ad verification.

The fingerprint can be from audio or video, so it works with TV and only audio content (radio).

The operator will have to select only the start and the end of the clip. Then the ViDeus Auditor will start automatically the search.

As content is stored into the ViDeus Auditor platform, it is possible to download the content to act as a proof of advertising verification at any moment.

Working scheme

Demo Video: Fingermetric technology