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Video logging system for universities

ViDeus Auditor platform brings universities and studying centers the opportunity to record all the content from all the given classes and seminars.

It is possible to receive content from several sources, and the video can be HD or SD. Teachers and students might check for current and past events.

Besides the recording feature, ViDeus Auditor platform gives the workflow, to differentiate users and permission. Students will be able to download the whole class or just a selected clip easily, accessing from devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones.


  • Access for teachers and students.
  • Easy clip generation.
  • HD and SD video recording.
  • Internal storage and integration with external systems.

About ViDeus Auditor

ViDeus Auditor is a platform to record and administrate content.

Based in web platform, it is a box that is connected in any network, LAN, WAN, Internet, and it is accessed by a remote computer in any moment.

Between several applications, the most common is for content monitoring used by TV channels, enterprises and cable industry.