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Smart Indexing

Optionals for automatic indexing can be added to ViDeus systems in order to increase benefits and functionality.


FingerMetric is an optional tool designed to detect commercials or political ads automatically. Media organizations governments and TV channels use FingerMetric to reduce time in the operations.

Demo Video

Fingermetric for Audio

It is also possible in ViDeus Auditor for video content, another feature for radio content is the automatic indexing tool for ad verification.

The system has a database of advertisments that are selected by the operator. These clips of audio will be searched by the videus auditor automatically and once it finds any of the selected clips, it will show in the interface, the date and hour of appearance.

This tool works with ViDeus Auditor for AM and FM radio and reduces the time of operation of the operator.

Closed Caption

Another optional for Smart Indexing is Closed Caption. It is a way to increase the automatic indexing and make searchs quicker.

AsRun Log

The AsRun Log allows to index content with important information related with the media. It allows to automatize certain tasks.


The OCR optional, which belongs to the ViDeus Auditor family, allows to index bitmap subtitles, with DVB or SCTE-27 standard. When the operator finds content with this type of subtitles, the OCR tool can be activated to automatically generate metadata related to the bitmap subtitles.


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