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Mosaic Generator / ViDeus Mosaic

ViDeus Mosaic

ViDeus Mosaic, mosaic generator

ViDeus Mosaic platform allows the generation of mosaics. The mosaic is delivered in a MPEG2-TS over IP.

The solution is made out of hardware and software. The reception of the incoming content is through an Ethernet interface (or ASI) and the system is 100% web based. In both reception and mosaic generation, the operator can work with SD or HD content and in h264 and MPEG2 codecs.

Different models of ViDeus Mosaic, provide the option of having 1 or 2 pages and also offer a wide choice of amount of services that can be used.

The application of ViDeus Mosaic is ideal for cable operators who want to generate content for the end user, different kinds of TV signals. It all meets the needs of head ends, IPTV and Broadcasters.

Operating scheme.
Mosaic for interactive EPG.

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