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Multi Visualization / ViDeus Multiviewer IP & OTT

ViDeus Multiviewer IP & OTT

ViDeus Multiviewer IP & OTT completes the delivery needs of the TS Analyzer family. With the incorporation of different OTT protocols and intelligent modes of monitoring. It is a very efficient processing tool for the analysis of large quantities of services and their renditions.

The solution keeps all the facilities for the analysis of TS over IP, and incorporates tools for visual monitoring of content. It also allows background analysis of the different renditions. The solution provides visual monitoring and parametric analysis of multiple content in quality of service and experience.

ViDeus Multiviewer IP & OTT is prepared to receive 8 to 40 input signals. The on-screen transmission can handle the number of 8 to 64 simultaneous PIP’s, either on one or two output screens via HDMI in Full HD or 4k.

If needed the equipment can generate a transport stream to transmit by unicast or multicast. It is also combinable with other products to increase the number of desired entries or the complexity of the solution.

On screen information

Each widget has tools to display metadata, activate or deactivate the audio, send that widget to another monitor, or visualize it in full screen. The display can be made up of images presented in different resolutions and framerate, and can be arranged in the most convenient layout. Loudness graphs and navigation with other screens can also be added. For the operation of this mode you can configure customized layouts that exactly apply to the need.


  • Emulates a web browser player.
  • It is configurable the possibility to monitor all the performances, or to choose some and of the rest to monitor only bitrate or alarms at the transport level.
  • Alarms per bandwidth of each rendition with configurable thresholds.
  • Notification of alarms anywhere.
  • Analyze bandwidth of renditions that you are not seeing.
  • Mobile application to visualize incoming content.
  • Generate a transport stream with the content.


  • OTT protocols: HLS (includes Akamai Token authentication), rtmp, rtmpt, rtmpe, rtmps.
  • Alert report by visual interface on the computer screen.
  • Alert reporting via e-mail or SNMP.
  • Alarm history.
  • Recording of signals generating a legal copy to corroborate the faults.
  • Supports MPEG2-TS (SD or HD) directly or from other sources complemented with ViDeus Auditor appliances.
  • Scalable systems combining multiple systems linked with SNMP.
  • Controllable and monitorable with SNMP, and integrable with NMS.
  • Display of QoS and QoE alarms.
  • Remote operation 100% from web interface with preview.
  • Layout settings by Drag & Drop on the fly.
  • Configuration of layouts with texts and graphics defined by the user.
  • On-screen graphs, UMD, analog and digital clock, PCR information, Closed Caption and subtitles.
  • Visualization of multiple streams of audio and video.
  • Equipment with capacity from 8 to 64 simultaneous PIP’s.
  • Timeline graphs for different parametric sources such as levels, bitrates, etc.
  • Multiple LU meters, truepeak meters multi channel support.
  • Content on-screen information such as codec, bitrate, type of service.
  • Information of MPEG2-TS tables and detail of PMT information.

Donkey Corner

ViDeus Multiviewer HUB includes the ability to select a Donkey Corner group of PIP´s. This is a very suitable tool for a proactive supervision, for in-failure service monitoring. The configuration is very easy and allows the operator to select a bunch of PIP´s for monitoring a streams of video and audio in a carrousel way.

Alarms report and notification

PIP's will be highlighted in red when an alarm is reported. Once the alarm is attended, it will return to it’s original state. Alerts are recorded in an alarm history.

TS Analysis

The content may consist of multiple versions of qualities and resolution. The table analysis allows to check if a stream stops being transmitted without the need to be viewing the stream at the moment.

WEB based configuration and administration

Both configuration and administration is performed using a 100% web based interface. These tasks can be done from every computer connected to the network without any additional application or complement.