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Multi Visualization / ViDeus Multiviewer 4k

ViDeus Multiviewer

ViDeus Multiviewer in its version with 4K video output resolution, offers all utilities of a multi-display platform in the IP environment. It provides maximun flexibility to visualize video and audio streams.

ViDeus Multiviewer 4K has the capacity to receive content from different sources. The content is stored by a ViDeus Auditor system, and the ViDeus Multiviewer builds a set of PIP´s to visualize the sources on a 4K display, with a user configured layout.

Watch the demo video

Donkey Corner

ViDeus Multiviewer HUB includes the ability to select a Donkey Corner group of PIP´s. This is a very suitable tool for a proactive supervision, for in-failure service monitoring. The configuration is very easy and allows the operator to select a bunch of PIP´s for monitoring a streams of video and audio in a carrousel way.

Round Robin

Every PIP can be configured in program group mode, in that way, it is posible to perform round robin behavior among the selected programs.

Overlay graphics

The system allows the visualization of information graphs in video overlay for any program shown, so it´s possile to see important information without losing the ability of viewing and monitoring.

Web based administration and configuration

Both configuration and administration is performed using a 100% web based interface. These tasks can be done from every computer connected to the network without any additional application or complement.