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QoS & QoE Monitoring / ViDeus Gage

ViDeus Gage

ViDeus Gage for QoS & QoE Monitoring

ViDeus Gage receives MPEG2-TS content through different interfaces like RF and.

All the received TS can be decoded and fully analyzed taking into account the measurement guidelines TR101-290 and ARIB STD B10 providing detailed information about transport stream with date and hour. Besides it does QoE analysis to detect any failure that can be observed by TV watcher.

This analysis covers issues in the video like saturation, black and frozen video.

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About ViDeus Gage

ViDeus Gage is a platform for MPEG2-TS analysis.

Based in web platform, it is a box that is connected in any network, LAN, WAN, Internet, and it is accessed by a remote computer in any moment.

Its small size makes ViDeus Gage a powerful test point for MPEG2-TS.

Between several applicatios, ViDeus Gage is commonly used for TVD signal status monitoring.

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