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TVD Monitoring / ViDeus Gage

ViDeus Gage

ViDeus Gage for Digital TV Monitoring

Digital TV transmission with SFN techonology needs several transmitters located in different cities miles away.

In that situation, multi point monitoring is required to ensure the performance of the TVD network transmission.

ViDeus Gage can work as a test point of MPEG2-TS status and also can monitor Quality of Experience (QoE) to be aware at once, of issues such as black screen and frozen video.

And with its internal HDD, ViDeus Gage can easily record the content HD, SD and one seg for repurposing.

Central TVD monitoring across different cities using SFN Network

About ViDeus Gage

ViDeus Gage is a platform for MPEG2-TS analysis.

Based in web platform, it is a box that is connected in any network, LAN, WAN, Internet, and it is accessed by a remote computer in any moment.

Its small size makes ViDeus Gage a powerful test point for MPEG2-TS.

Between several applicatios, ViDeus Gage is commonly used for TVD signal status monitoring.

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