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TV Monitoring / ViDeus Auditor Round Robin

ViDeus Auditor Round Robin

ViDeus Auditor Round Robin TV Broadcast Monitoring

Videus Auditor Round Robin is designed to perform TV signals sweeping with customizable time settings for each channel.

The signal monitoring is made trough a screen connected to the equipment, or from a remote PC connected to the network.


  • Onscreen alert reports through the equipment’s visual interface.
  • Alert reports through SMNP or e-mail.
  • Alarms history.
  • A witness copy is created while the signal is being monitored.

Operating Instructions

Connect the equipment to a SetTopBox or to the CATV signal and the monitoring will begin to run. Channel configuration is made from the web interface.

Demo Video: Auditor Round Robin


  • No manual operation is required, saving costs and time operations.
  • Alarm notifications anywhere, anytime.
  • Display real time fails, before any TV viewer can report.
  • Help desk price saving because of minimizing fail time.

Round Robin

Round Robin is designed to measure Quality of Experience (QoE) of hundreds of TV signals with just a few video inputs.

It allows customizable recording and channel analysis time. It analyses a signal and then automatically tunes the next one to cover the monitoring of all signals in a short time length.

Demo Video: Monitoring for cable operators in 1 minute

(Check for English subtitles)

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