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QoS & QoE Monitoring / ViDeus Auditor

ViDeus Auditor

ViDeus Auditor for QoE Monitoring

ViDeus Auditor analyzes Quality of Experience (QoE) in order to detect any failure that can be observed by TV watcher.

This analysis covers issues in the video such as saturation, black and frozen video.

Problems in audio are also registered to report high or low levels of audio and including frozen audio.

Watch here how it works

Knowing the alarms interface

About ViDeus Auditor

ViDeus Auditor is a platform to record and administrate content.

Based in web platform, it is a box that is connected in any network, LAN, WAN, Internet, and it is accessed by a remote computer in any moment.

Between several applications, the most common is for content monitoring used by TV channels, enterprises and cable industry.

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