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Video Clipping & CatchUp TV
Video clipping solution. Automatic publication on networks. Clip without losing video quality

Dynamic tool to extract clips in high resolution without having to reencode.

Our video clipping solution is designed to record content across different sources: Composite, RF, HDMI, SD SDI and HD SDI and with the powerful and quick search tool, the operator can get and repurpose immediately the archived content with some information such us date, TV program name, channel and metadata. Then, by selecting the start and the end of the desired content, it is very easy to extract and generate the video clip.

It is also possible to extract the clip with live video without waiting extra time. and in case de the content is in HD, the format and resolution can be selected for the new clip.

The created clip can be transcoded to different formats, for example .mxf, and sent directly to an external storage or FTP, to be taken by an operator.

Supported inputs

  • ViDeus Auditor: 1 to 16 inputs.
  • ViDeus Auditor TS: 4 to 20 streams. (*)

(*) Videus Auditor TS works with 4 to 20 streams in h.264 HD (250Mbps to 1000Mbps), in lower quality the streams number is higher.

Demo Video: Video Clipping

Catchup TV

When clipping tools are not enough to work on generating new content, ViDeus Auditor offers the possibility to join different video clips to generate a single video file for later repurposing.

Catchup TV tools are widely used for removing ads in a movie or in a TV program when, recent aired content has to go quickly to a Live VOD platform.

Commercial extraction is done manually while the program live is coming, or automatically if the MPEG2-TS contains the SCTE-35 ad insertion standard.

1- Watch and mark

Marks can be added manually while watching live content or automatically with the SCTE-35 ad insertion standard.

2- Compile

3- Content publishing


About ViDeus Auditor

ViDeus Auditor is a platform to record and administrate content.

Based in web platform, it is a box that is connected in any network, LAN, WAN, Internet, and it is accessed by a remote computer in any moment.

Between several applications, the most common is for content monitoring used by TV channels, enterprises and cable industry.

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