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February - 2017 OTT monitoring solution May - 2016 New tool for Catchup TV Closed Caption Monitoring April - 2016 Third day at NAB 2016 Second day at NAB 2016 First day at NAB 2016 February - 2016 ViDeus Auditor TS integrated with Multiviewer feature December - 2015 SET Magazine article November - 2015 Caper 2015: Photos Demo Video: ViDeus IP Multiviewer 3.0 October - 2015 3Way Solutions at Caper 2015 September - 2015 Demo Video: Signal monitoring interface 3Way Solutions at CAPER 2015 New video wrappers for Hot Folders Published inteview on RTA magazine 3Way Solutions at SET Expo 2015 August - 2015 Webinar Video: News video clipping with ViDeus Auditor Webinar: News video clipping with ViDeus Auditor Integration of ViDeus Auditor TS for MPEG-TS and HDMI monitoring July - 2015 New document: MPEG-TS monitoring with ViDeus Auditor TS Visit us at SET Expo 2015 June - 2015 Demo Video: TV Signals monitoring Automatic detection of advertisements in radio Closed Caption regulation in Argentina Storage Calculator New Solution: Ad verificacion and competitive analysis May - 2015 New Solution: Media Auditing Webinar Video: 20' with ViDeus Auditor Webinar: 20' with ViDeus Auditor April - 2015 Demo Video: Video Clipping NAB 2015: Third Day NAB 2015: Second Day NAB 2015: First Day March - 2015 Webinar about Digital TV Monitoring Science and technology show in Santa Fé Visit us at NAB Show 2015 ViDeus Auditor for TV broadcasters 3Way Solutions at NAB Show 2015 February - 2015 3Way Solutions in Colombia 3Way Solutions in Uruguay Set top box control via IR January - 2015 Demo Video - EPG Analog and digital video monitoring We launched our new web site Prolux, new distributor November - 2014 Photos: 3Way at CAPER 2014 October - 2014 3Way at CAPER 2014